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Friday, October 27, 2006

Its not good business to be in the middle of a fight.

Oracle condemns Red Hat

Are you using Oracle on Red Hat? It’s time to rethink that decision, because Oracle decision to release its own version of Linux a Red Hat based Linux fork. Apparently a large portion of Red Hat customers are not happy with price and level of Support that Red Hat offers, as obviously occurred when Red Hat’s stock dropped 25% in one day as many investors are now jumping ship, now that Red Hat now has some real competition in the Enterprise Linux playing field. Oracle is going to charge half as much for its release.

I know that Oracle has more experience than Red Hat has, not sure how much experience Oracle has in supporting an operating systems, perhaps its time move to an Enterprise Operating system with far more experienced support staff than Red Hat and far more experience at least in supporting operating systems than Oracle. Sun, Oracle’s former chosen platform for many years, many of those years Solaris was a commercial OS that cost a lot more than even what Red Hat is now charging. Solaris is now free, you just have to pay for support if you need it, which most people using it as a base for Oracle will gladly pay for it.

Since the time most people left Solaris for Red Hat, there has been many changes to Solaris 10 is now open source and has state of the art features that match and/or succeed of those of any other commercial or open source OS. ZFS, DTrace, Fire engine, SMF, Zones, BrandZ, etc. to name a few so perhaps its time to come back to Oracle’s former chosen platform of years past, Solaris.

While Oracle figures out its own distribution and Red Hat retaliates from the sudden blow to its guts from Oracle that has it hemorrhaging blood and tries to repair its damaged stock price and image.

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