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Saturday, April 16, 2011


I was never able to make Acronis Trueimage 2011 complete a full backup to any Linux based FTP server, I finally just found the simplest samba configuration document and created a samba share, which worked painlessly. I even took the extra couple hours for it to complete a full validation of the backup before beginning the drive replacement procedure. Not sure if I read something for an older version about not using samba for the backup or what, it was completely painless except for the fact that it took all the way to Sunday to complete a full backup of a 180GB disk. Something should have been done in 8 hours.

I bought the Acronis Disk Manager Home along with the Trueimage home, it was about $65 combined for the together not bad, it made the job of formating my new 750GB 2.5” SATA disk go smoothly and allowed me to setup a Linux partitions for ext3 and swap. BTW if you are in the market for laptop hard drives, the current 1TB drives are 12mm in height and most laptops can only take a 9mm tall drive so don't order the 1TB drive that you really think you need before you verify it will fit in your laptop and save your self the return and re-order hassle.

I sit here and type this as the recover operation runs so we shall see how this all turns out in a few hours. Its only reading data off the samba server at about 7-8MB/s compared to 12MB/s that it wrote at. I guess Linux based recover program is slower than the window hard disk based version. I'm pretty sure the new hard disk is faster than the old one it replaced and the 1.5TB disk in the Sun Ultra 20 with dual core 2.6ghz Opteron should be up to the task of filling a 100mbit ethernet to the laptop, the ulra 20 has a Gigabit Ethernet port and is plugged into my gigabit wifi router.

The process has been going on for about 30-40minutes, and it still hasn't provided any hints as to how long the recover process is going to take, thankful I have gkrellm running on the Ultra 20 so I can see that it is sending between 1.5 and 6MB/s across the network. It still doesn't appear to have any color to the progress bar on the Acronis recovery dialog box.

I guess I'm going to take my own advice in these situations, walk away and let the computer do what it does best.

UPDATE: well after about an hour, it did give me an ETA for completion, I really don't like the number, 19, 19 hours but what can I do. But its the story of this progress everything takes much longer than I think it should!


Blogger Saulius Gedgaudas said...

Just wondering how your backup job would be managed by clonezilla. I remember I had to backup my laptop`s C drive (about 200GB), and ms win xp backup was left for the night to backup all data to network drive and I remember I found it just hanging in the next morning. Then just burned cd with clonezilla, booted it up and backup image was finished in couple hours. So for now its just clonezilla for images or just rsync.

4:34 AM  

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